Bacchus Liquors provides a professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff that can assist both our enthusiasts and uncertain shoppers. We are here to help you find the perfect beverage that will fit your needs for any occasion. 



Let our Event Planner, JC , guide you to the right quantity, quality and variety for your unique budget and event.

JC is ready to share with you the ins and outs of planning weddings, dinner parties, graduation parties, holiday parties and more. Bacchus Liquors takes pride in making your experience stress-free while maintaining the highest standards.


We Offer:

100% customizable ordering

Unbeatable selection

Unmatched pricing

Case discounts on Liquor and Wine

One on one service

Hand selection to pair with your menu

Delivery and pick-up options

Experience and advice

Liberal return policy

No restocking fee



To your home, office, neighbor's house- wherever suits best.

Sale and Return is only available on purchases of $1,000 USD and over. A full deposit is required at the time of delivery of product. Acceptable payment methods for Sale and Return purchases are cash, credit card or debit card. Payment by cheque requires 48 hours advance approval by Bacchus Liquors Management All Sale and Return purchases must be returned within three (3) working days from delivery date. Product to be returned should have been stored in a cool location out of any direct sunlight or heat. All product returned must be in saleable condition and may not have been chilled. Bacchus Liquors reserves the right to accept no more than 50% of the value of beverages sold. Wine, Champagne & Sparkling wines can only be returned in sealed cases. Spirits and liqueurs can only be returned with sealed caps and in saleable condition, i.e. no damaged labels, etc. Beverage products, such as beer and soft drinks, can only be returned in sealed or full cases. All beverage products returned must be in saleable condition. Soft drinks will not be accepted for return unless in the original banded 6-pack. Bacchus Liquors final prices are based on the net number of bottles & beverages purchased; the price is not based on the quantity taken at time of delivery. Bacchus Liquors will refund the customer for returned product within three (3) business days of product being returned. Bacchus Liquors retains the right to refuse any product that deemed by Store Management as unsuitable for sale